MARC 2017 Annual Meeting
June 18-21, 2017 | Chicago, IL

MARC 2017 Chicago Agenda

Sunday, June 18

6:00pm - 8:00pm Opening Reception at the Art Institute

111 S Michigan Ave,
Chicago, IL 60603

Monday, June 19

7:15am - 8:15am Breakfast
8:15am - 9:00am Welcome and Keynote Speakers
Zurich A-D

Welcoming Remarks:
Ann McCabe, Commissioner Emeritus, Previous MARC President

Keynote Remarks:
Cheryl LaFleur, Acting Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Allen Leverett, President and Chief Executive Officer, WEC Energy Group *presentation*

9:00am - 10:15am RTO Executives Panel
Zurich A-D

Join us for insights from top executives of regional transmission operators as they engage in a roundtable discussion. What are the critical challenges facing each RTO today and what important changes have already occurred? Our panelists will discuss how they engage with other RTOs and state commissions.

Moderator: Commissioner Angela Weber, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

John Bear, President and Chief Executive Officer, MISO
Andy Ott, President and Chief Executive Officer, PJM Interconnection
Bill Magness, President and Chief Executive Officer, ERCOT
Paul Suskie, Executive Vice-President Regulatory Policy, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Southwest Power Pool, Inc.

10:15am - 10:30am Break
Zurich Foyer
10:30am - 11:45am The Evolving Role of the Regulator in the Age of Advancing Cyber Threats
Zurich A-D

In the age of evolving cyber threats, the role of state regulators is also advancing to tackle these issues. This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges state regulators face in ensuring the safety of the critical infrastructure they oversee while respecting the various layers of jurisdiction surrounding cyber security.

Moderator: Commissioner Sherina Maye Edwards, Illinois Commerce Commission

Joseph McClelland, Director of the Office of Energy Infrastructure Security, FERC
Dominic Saebeler, Director, Cybersecurity & Risk Management, ICC
Radha Swaminathan, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, American Water
Sharon Chand, Managing Director, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Protecting our Natural Gas and Other Critical Assets
Zurich E-G

The purpose of this panel is to examine the roles played by various players in protecting the natural gas infrastructure, as well as, the electricity, telecom and water infrastructure. Excavators who need to dig where there is gas, electric, water and telecom lines are required to have those assets marked out before they dig. Governmental agencies are in charge of collecting dig/mark-out requests and informing the appropriate utilities. While some utilities mark out their own assets, most employ professional mark-out companies. The rules are different from one state to another. Some best practices have been identified. Cooperative partnership efforts are in place in many jurisdictions. All of these issues will be discussed by the panelists.

Moderator: Chairman Dana Murphy, Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Matthew Turk, Executive Vice President of Operations & Business Development, INTREN L.L.C.
David Van Wy, Damage Prevention Manager,Northern Illinois Region, JULIE, Inc.
Dan Germeraad, Utility Operations Manager System Integrity, Peoples Gas
Tracey Bryant, Manager of Damage Prevention & Public Awareness, Vectren
Rob Tullman, President and Chief Executive Officer, USIC
*consolidated presentations*

Advancements in Customer Experience
St. Gallen

An increasing number of companies are leveraging technology to provide an expedient, accurate and responsive customer experience that consumers are coming to expect. This panel of customer experience experts from inside and outside the industry will share their perspective on where new technology can improve customer service, how to overcome some of the existing barriers to deploying customer enabling technologies and the next big thing in customer experience.

Moderator: Commissioner Norm Saari, Michigan Public Service Commission

Jeff Conklin, VP, Utility Practice, JD Power *presentation*
Jack Winter, Senior Principal, West Monroe Partners *presentation*
Mathew Burks, Chief Strategy Officer, E Source *presentation*
Philip Nevels, Director, Technology Assessments Utility of the Future, ComEd *presentation*

11:45am - 1:00pm Missouri Lunch

Guest Speakers:
Commissioner Bill Kenney, Missouri Public Service Commission, MARC President
Commissioner Colette Honorable, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

1:00pm - 1:45pm Fireside Chat with Tom Fanning
Zurich A-D

Chair Ellen Nowak, Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Tom Fanning, President and Chief Executive Officer, Southern Company

1:45pm - 2:00pm Break
Zurich Foyer
2:00pm - 3:15pm Workforce Development
Zurich A-D

The Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) estimates that nearly 50% of the energy workforce will retire in the next 5-10 years making it more important than ever to engage and retain talent. It will also be critical to engage and implore seasoned staff to document and transfer their knowledge prior to their departures. This panel of experts will discuss what the industry is and should be doing to ensure the workforce is trained and ready for the challenges ahead.

Commissioner Shari Feist Albrecht, Kansas Corporation Commission
Commissioner Mike Huebsch, Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Beth Reese, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Southern Company Gas & Chair of the Center for Energy Workforce Development *presentation*
Joan Shafer, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, WEC Energy Group *presentation*
Aaron Rothschild, Head of Energy Research, New England Complex Systems Institute *presentation*
Deon Clark, Chief Executive Officer, TCI Solutions, LLC *presentation*

Demand Response and Wind Integration
Zurich E-G

The MARC region is known for its wind (as is Chicago). How are states integrating renewable resources? What are the interconnection and transmission challenges and opportunities? Demand response is gaining importance due to resource adequacy concerns and as a way to avoid building generation or transmission to meet peak loads. In recent years, the ComEd region has bid in the most demand response and energy efficiency to the PJM capacity market.

A case study: In Indiana, Indiana & Michigan Power Company found great success by simply permitting customers not under common ownership to be aggregated through a curtailment service provider, and the utility program quickly doubled in size. The customer performance obligations are fair and simple. They follow the requirements developed by the RTO. In addition, the opportunity for aggregators to work with any and all customers that sign up for the rider to create a virtual power plant makes the program much more accessible for participants. The end result is an innovative program that offers a peak load reduction program for commercial and industrial customers that provides direct benefits to participants and additional benefits to the utility and the grid. This concept was recently recognized by the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) as a pacesetter program.

Commissioner Matt Schuerger, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Commissioner Sarah Freeman, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Matt McCaffree, Senior Director, Regulatory Strategy, Comverge, Inc. *presentation*
Jim Eber, Manager Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing, ComEd
Beth Soholt, Executive Director, Wind on the Wires *presentation*
John Moore, Director, Sustainable FERC project at NRDC
Melissa Seymour, Executive Director of Customer and State Affairs in the Central Region, MISO *presentation*

What States are Doing to Encourage Rural Broadband
St. Gallen

Broadband service itself is not regulated by states, but agencies, including state public utility commissions, are taking innovative approaches to encouraging broadband expansion and improvement in rural areas. Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency program Focus on Energy, has a rural broadband initiative called “Get Connected, use Energy Smarter” that supports the growing demand for new or enhanced broadband service in rural areas by providing energy efficiency opportunities designed to take advantage of broadband connections. The Wisconsin PSC Broadband Office works with stakeholders to build partnerships with providers and consumers to enhance broadband access across the state. Minnesota frames broadband policies in an economic development context. Strategies and programs revolve around removing barriers to deployment and providing incentives to deploy broadband into areas where market-driven forces alone aren’t enough to close the gap. Minnesota has broadband goals set in statute, and policies and programs in place that are directed at working with providers to achieve those goals.

Moderator:Commissioner Chris Nelson, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Angie Dickison, State Broadband Director, WI PSC *presentation*
Jolene Sheil, Manager, Focus on Energy, WI PSC *presentation*
Danna MacKenzie, Executive Director, MN Office of Broadband Development *presentation*
Nick Wagner, Board Member, Iowa Utilities Board *presentation*

3:15pm - 3:30pm Break
Zurich Foyer
3:30pm - 4:45pm Views from the Top: C-Suite Panel
Zurich A-D

Join a distinguished panel of Executive Officers who will discuss their perspective and insight on a range of topics including infrastructure, growth, new and changing regulations, technology and more. In addition, this panel will share where they see the energy industry headed into the future and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Moderator: Chair Ellen Nowak, Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Drew Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer, Southern Company Gas
Patti Poppe, President and Chief Executive Officer, CMS Energy
Chris Franklin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aqua America
Linda Blair, President and Chief Executive Officer, ITC Holdings Corp.

4:45pm - 5:30pm MARC Board Meeting
Commissioners Only
5:30pm - 8:00pm Evening Reception at the Chicago Cultural Center

78 E Washington St,
Chicago, IL 60602

Tuesday, June 20

7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast
8:30am - 8:45am Welcome and Keynote Speakers
Zurich A-D

Keynote Remarks:
Jack Betkoski (Vice-Chair, Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, First Vice President, NARUC)

8:45am - 10:00am Artificial Intelligence: Extracting Value from the Smart Grid with Machine Learning
Zurich A-D

Machine learning uses large data sets to train algorithms and find hidden patterns that are not obvious to human perception. The insights derived are empowering predictive analytics, extracting value from the data that was unavailable through conventional analysis. The emergence of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the Internet of Things, and cloud computing provides massive datasets and the flexibility in computing power, and enables insights that were impossible just years ago. Utilities can use predictive analytics to forecast consumption, monitor assets to reduce outages, and improve efficiencies across the grid.

Some examples include: analyzing customer responses to identify types of customers who are amenable to enrolling in energy efficiency programs, analyzing load curves to optimize thermostat set points, analyzing energy usage patterns to recognize when customers install new equipment in their homes, fraud detection through usage pattern analysis, and social media monitoring to discern trends in customer satisfaction. The panel will also discuss challenges in the application of machine learning to the utility sector, such as: lack of training and awareness of the topic, interoperability and data sharing between different systems, privacy concerns and transparency around data disclosure, and general applicability and overfitting of algorithms.

Moderator: Chairman Brien Sheahan, Illinois Commerce Commission

Jeff Gleeson, Product Manager, Nest Energy Services *presentation*
Sean Gregerson, Global Director of Enterprise Asset Performance Management, Schneider Electric Software *presentation*
Chris King, Chief Policy Officer, Siemens Digital Grid *presentation*
Anna Lising, Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Market Development, Oracle Utilities *presentation*

10:00am - 10:15am Break
Zurich Foyer
10:15am - 11:30am Planning for Energy Storage
Zurich A-D

Energy storage is a transformative technology that can enable a clean, smart, reliable, flexible, resilient and efficient modern grid and will fundamentally change the electricity industry. Innovation in battery technology and cost improvements have made significant strides in recent years, perhaps outpacing the grid’s current capabilities in certain regions. Enabled by investments made in the grid (i.e. AMI), coupled with policy change, energy storage is commercially viable in select U.S. markets. But, to unlock its full potential in all markets, investments in smartening the infrastructure is necessary in parallel with regulatory and policy actions.

Storage can be useful almost anywhere on the grid, but what are the best uses? How can regulators plan and integrate storage into the electricity system? What is the impact on utilities when customers choose to install storage on their own? How will these choices fit into the plan for the electricity grid?

Moderator: Chair Nancy Lange, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Kevin Fok, Senior Project Manager, LG Chem Power
Betty Watson, Senior Manager, Energy Policy, Tesla
Kiran Kumaraswamy, Market Development Director, AES Energy Storage
John Fernandes, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Invenergy
Brent Bergland, General Manager, Mortenson Construction

Engaging Communities in Energy Efficiency
Zurich E-G

This panel will explore how the energy efficiency industry can best engage community based organizations and community leaders to drive energy efficiency program uptake and input into program design and energy planning processes.

Moderator: Commissioner Kimberly O’Guinn, Arkansas Public Service Commission

Bill Haas, Energy & Sustainability Professional, Inova Energy Group *presentation*
Paul Schueller, Chief Executive Officer, Franklin Energy Services, LLC *presentation*
Duncan Stiles, SVP, Just Energy Labs *presentation*
Guillermo Diaz, Program Manager, CLEAResult *presentation*

Lead: How Investor Owned Water Utilities are Meeting the Challenge
St. Gallen

This presentation will begin with an overview of health concerns associated with lead service lines, lead solder, and lead fixtures, and the regulatory framework in place that is intended to protect public health. Following this introduction, the challenges associated with implementation and effectiveness of new regulations will be addressed. Initiatives and challenges surrounding inventorying and replacing lead service lines will be discussed. Finally, examples of practices used by private water companies to proactively further the protection of public health will be discussed.

Moderator: Board Member Nick Wagner, Iowa Utilities Board

Christopher Crockett, VP and Chief Environmental Officer, Aqua America *presentation*
Denise Schmidt, Water Policy Advisor, WI PSC *presentation*
Mary Hollingsworth, Public Drinking Water Program Administrator, Indiana Department of Environmental Management *presentation*
Gary Naumick, VP Engineering & Asset Management, American Water *presentation*

Lunch On your own or on tour

Tuesday Afternoon Tours

Tuesday June 20
Tour Window 12:30pm-5:00pm

Tour Option 1
ComEd Training Facility Tour

1415 W 35th St,
Chicago, IL 60609

ComEd’s new Chicago training center was specially designed to educate and train the workforce of the future. The facility includes substation and meter training areas, an indoor pole yard, lead splicing bays for underground cable, manhole training areas, and more.

Tour Window 12:15pm-5:00pm

Tour Option 2
Chicago’s Jardine Water Treatment Plant

1000 E Ohio St,
Chicago, IL 60611

Come join us for a group tour at the Chicago Department of Water Management's Jardine Water Purification Plant. The world’s largest conventional water treatment plant, capable of processing 1,400 million gallons a day.

Tour Window 11:45am-5:00pm

Tour Option 3
Gas Technology Institute Laboratories

1700 S Mt Prospect Rd,
Des Plaines, IL 60018

GTI’s 18-acre headquarters in metro Chicago is home to a flexible combination of specialized labs with equipment for design, testing and analysis of advanced energy technologies. Investments are constantly made here, updating equipment to ensure state-of-the-art facilities that provide a stimulating environment for specialized scientists and engineers.

Tour Window 11:45pm-2:30pm and 1:45pm-4:30pm

Tour Option 4
Invenergy Control Center

1 S Wacker Dr #1800,
Chicago, IL 60606

Completed in 2015, Invenergy’s state-of-the-art, utility scale Control Center is designed to monitor, dispatch and control all of Invenergy’s North American wind, solar and battery storage generation facilities, including over 2,700 wind turbines. The control center ensures smooth facility operations including grid constraints, scheduled/forced outages, and remote troubleshooting as well as acting as the central communication hub for the operating fleet of generation facilities and counterparties.

Wednesday, June 21

7:15am - 8:15am Breakfast Sponsored in part by SEPA: Frameworks for Grid Transformation: IL and other states
Zurich A-D

Do you want to be knowledgeable about what's happening in states’ electricity market evolution, but don't have time to read 1000s of pages of filings? Are you looking for transferable ideas and approaches for your state? Enjoy breakfast while discussing the areas of overlap and divergence in electricity system reform in IL, NY, and CA and how this could apply to your state.

Moderator: Vazken Kassakhian, Report Co-Author, SEPA *presentation*

Panelists: Cristin Lyons, Partner, Report Co-Author, ScottMadden
Commissioner Sherina Maye Edwards, Illinois Commerce Commission
Jane Park, VP Regulatory Policy & Strategy, Commonwealth Edison
Kristin Munsch, Deputy Director,IL Citizen’s Utility Board

8:30am - 9:45am Building a Modern City: Using Data and Digital Investments to Improve Urban Life
Zurich A-D

Increasingly in both the United States and abroad, municipalities are looking to integrate their energy infrastructure investments with broader goals promoting health, safety and environmental protection. This discussion will focus on how utility investments in grid modernization technologies can be used to support these goals, and what cities have learned about integrating these technologies with goals for economic development, public health and environmental quality.

Moderator: Commissioner Stephen M. Stoll, Missouri Public Service Commission

David Graham, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Neighborhood Services, City of San Diego *presentation*
Kim Zentz, Director, Urbanova; Director, Engineering and Technology Management, Co-director Smart Cities Initiative, Washington State University, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture *presentation*
Danielle DuMerer, Chief Information Officer and Commissioner of the Department of Innovation and Technology, City of Chicago *presentation*
Dr. Peter Curley, Technology Consultant, The Climate Group *presentation*

Innovation in Programs for Low Income Customers
Zurich E-G

As wages stagnate, the proportion of residential customers who are low income is increasing for many utilities. This discussion will focus on trends in the financial health of American families and innovative programs that address the needs of economically disadvantaged customers.

Moderator: Commissioner Maida Coleman, Missouri Public Service Commission

Joshua Sledge, Program Team Director, Center for Financial Services Innovation *presentation*
Pam Northrup, Medical Home Program Manager, La Rabida Children’s Hospital
Tammy Agard, Chief Executive Officer, EEtility *presentation*
Rick Counihan, Head of ENergy Regulatory and Governmental Affairs, Nest Labs

Legislation Affecting the Water and Wastewater Industry
St. Gallen

The water and wastewater industry is in a defining period in our history. The industry faces challenges on many fronts, one of which is fragmentation. Fragmentation is inefficient and can exacerbate many of the challenges that water utilities face. In recent years, we have witnessed Midwest states proactively address fragmentation and associated infrastructure issues with legislative and regulatory remedies. Legislative policies that encourage the acquisition of struggling systems, or those that incent greater investment, can result in outsized benefits for costumers. This panel will seek to explore the overall benefits of legislative fixes to address fragmentation, improve troubled systems, and encourage long term infrastructure investment.

Moderator: Commissioner Sadzi Oliva, Illinois Commerce Commission

Kim Joyce, VP Legislative, Public Affairs & Regulatory Counsel, Aqua America *presentation*
Valerie Bosscher, Environmental Engineer, EPA *presentation*
Deborah Dewey, President, Indiana American Water *presentation*
Albert D. Sturtevant, Partner, Whitt Sturtevant LLP *presentation*

9:45am - 10:00am Break
Zurich Foyer
10:00am - 11:15am Commission Chair Rapid Fire Panel
Zurich A-D

In a change of pace from common panel formats, this session will provide an unscripted and candid discussion among Chairs from MARC Member States about issues affecting their individual state, the MARC region, and the country. The “Rapid Fire” format is aimed to result in concise, straight-forward answers to a line of questioning that is sure to evolve in real time as the conversation progresses. This panel is a must-see for anyone with a connection to utilities in the MARC region, and for anyone seeking a regulatory perspective from the Midwest.

Moderator: Commissioner Travis Kavulla, Montana Public Service Commission

Chair Sally Talberg, Michigan Public Service Commission
Chairman Brien Sheahan, Illinois Commerce Commission
Chair Ellen Nowak, Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Chairman James Atterholt, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
Chair Nancy Lange, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Chairman Dana Murphy, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Chairman Tim Schram, Nebraska Public Service Commission

11:15am - 11:30am Closing Remarks
Zurich A-D

Chicago Cubs vs. San Diego Padres - All Inclusive Rooftop Experience

11:30am - 5:00pm Stay in Chicago a little longer and enjoy World Champion Chicago Cubs baseball on Wednesday afternoon. Gain a whole new perspective of historic Wrigley Field with the best views in Wrigleyville. Everything’s included – food, beverages, and baseball; all you have to do is enjoy yourself.


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